PhD+ Research Communication Level 1, Session 3: Writing in Plain Language

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In this session, we will learn and practice basic principles of writing in plain language. 

"Plain language" is a way of communicating information simply and efficiently to your audiences. By using plain language, you relieve your reader (or listener) of the extra effort required to interpret jargon or process long sentences.  

As a scholar, when would you use plain language? Clear communication is key to successful grant proposals, executive summaries, cover letters, policy memos, and other writing formats. Most of the principles will even make your academic writing stronger.  

Series Description

The Research Communication Series (Level 1) is a 4-part training workshop that covers audience analysis, message design, writing in plain language, and storytelling. The workshop will meet in person on Tuesdays, Feb. 6-27, from 3:00-5:00 pm. 

  1. Audience Awareness | Feb. 6
  2. Purpose and Medium | Feb. 13
  3. Writing in Plain Language | Feb. 20
  4. Storytelling | Feb. 27

Earn a PhD Plus Credential:

Upon successful completion (75%, or 3 sessions) of this series, PhD students are eligible for a non-credit credential (PhDP 9000) on their academic transcript (at no cost to students). PhD students can complete the module over multiple semesters.


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