Career Design

PhD Plus Career Design core module helps students identify their core values and interests, explore diverse careers pathways and practice professional development strategies. This series is best suited for PhD students in year 2 and above, and Postdoctoral Scholars at all stages of training, collectively called “trainees”.  


Through Career Design, trainees will learn strategies to

1. Research the world of post-PhD work in alignment with their values, skills and interests

2. Build community of peers, mentors, allies and advocates for career research and informing career development goals

3. Learn about valuable skills and experiences for diverse careers

4. Develop a SMART goal for strategic professional development to prepare for top career/s of interest within a realistic timeline

5. Learn about strategies to participate in PhD Plus core modules to research careers, build professional community, and develop skills and experiences

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A student-centered engagement strategy for career education and professional development applicable to all PhD Plus career training core modules. For details, please refer to 'program philosophy' and 'program mechanics' pages under About section of the website.

Recommended Prior Training

For optimal learning experience and outcomes, we recommend participation in PhD Plus Foundations series prior to this module.

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Here you can broaden knowledge of diverse careers for PhDs through seminars, panels and conversations.

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Expand your professional community to learn about diverse careers.

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Skills Series


Career Design skills series is offered every Fall and Spring semesters. Click here for details on learning goals, topics and schedule.

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Learn about internship opportunities to prepare for diverse careers