Future Faculty


The Future Faculty workshops are best suited for all postdoctoral researchers and PhD students in advanced years of training who are interested in faculty and independent research careers.

Faculty careers across disciplines can be research-intensive, teaching-intensive, and research-teaching focused in a wide variety of academic settings, such as public universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, etc. A growing number of Principal Investigator roles for independent research careers in STEM are also offered in for-profit and non-profit research institutes.

Advanced PhD students and postdocs are encouraged to participate in the Future Faculty workshops to: 

  • Learn about the landscape of faculty careers that align with your values, skills and interests 
  • Broaden knowledge of the range of responsibilities involved in faculty roles
  • Demystify the faculty hiring process in different academic departments and universities
  • Build and expand professional community for career research and preparation
  • Integrate career development goals into individual development plan
  • Develop distinct skills for holistic development in independent research and teaching, with a focused reflection on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)  
  • Reflect and learn about recommended Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices as a future faculty member that includes acknowledgment of power 

The Future Faculty workshops consist of in-person and virtual sessions, panel discussions, asynchronous materials (videos and reflections), and feedback sessions where participants can get feedback on job application materials and practice interviews and job talks in a supportive environment. For optimal results, attendees are encouraged to attend as many sessions as necessary for their development as a faculty candidate, and to spend time outside the scheduled sessions to apply information and strategies learned in practice to submit draft materials for suggestions along the way. 

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