Job Search

When we refer to the job search process here, we are mainly discussing the stage of an individual actively applying to jobs based on systematic searching strategies, tailoring application materials, and preparing for interviews and decision-making based on prior self-assessment work, namely what careers you would like to pursue, and what responsibilities appeal to you professionally, and what factors matter to you the most that would fulfill you. Depending on where you are now in your doctoral or postdoctoral journey, there are many things you can work on to ensure a more successful job search process, if you began the iterative process of self- and career-exploration early. Here are some tips for the job search process in your final year before graduation or postdoc training completion.

  • Typical job search timeline

When should I start to apply for jobs? How long does a full job application cycle take? Please see the illustrations and understand the difference as well as how to maximize your opportunity by allowing enough time to prepare for the job application process.

  • Useful job search platforms

Depending on the employer's sector/category, there are numerous platforms where employers of all types choose to post announcements. If you are starting to browse, here are some useful links (databases based on job sectors). Be sure to use keywords and set up your customized alerts to receive updated information!

UVA Alumni Community

  • Virginia Alumni MentoringVAM is a virtual community that fosters relationships between UVA alumni and students to support personal and professional development. Students reach out to alumni to spark these connections and learn about possible career paths. UVA alumni share their knowledge and experience to help current UVA students make the most of their time on Grounds and beyond. Overall, VAM is a welcoming, supportive environment that engages and supports students in the discovery and pursuit of meaningful lives. 
  • Be sure to check UVA's LinkedIn page to connect with close to 160,000 professionals!

UVA Career Center

  • HandshakeHandshake is the ultimate recruiting platform for students. Over 22 million students and young alumni from over 900 universities currently use the platform. It's where you can find UVA career resources, apply for jobs, schedule appointments and register for career events. Handshake is available to current, actively enrolled, degree-seeking UVA students. Whether it is an internship opportunity or full-time position, or anything in between, be sure to check Handshake and utilize UVA's career resources. There are also many networking and professional development opportunities posted.
  • PhD Plus resources

Based on our conversations with past and current PhD students and Postdocs, PhD Plus has categorized our past events, workshops, and resources into the following three categories: faculty job search, beyond faculty job search, and for international trainees. Each of these links contains materials and videos from workshops and other University platforms that discuss strategies, mentalities, preparation, and actions you should look into before crafting your application materials. For access to additional resources below, please log in with your UVA Netbadge.

  • Schedule an advising session

We offer individual advising to all PhD students and Postdocs at the University. Wonder how we can help and how to schedule an appointment