To learn more, discuss ideas or receive guidance on different aspects of the program, please contact the following PhD Plus team members.

PhD Plus Program inquiries and collaborations

  • To learn more about the program and discuss collaboration opportunities, please contact Melanie Sinche.
  • Departments and schools can schedule information sessions on PhD Plus with Melanie Sinche.
  • For information on event schedules, details of operations, and communications, please contact Melanie Sinche.
  • To request an event collaboration, please complete this form.

Grant and Fellowship training

For details on fellowship awards and Graduate Research Fellowship training, please contact Kelly Oman or Sam Lake.

Internships and Experiential Learning

For inquiries related to the PhD Plus internship program and other experiential learning opportunities, please contact Todd Moellendick.

Individual and Group Advising

PhD students and Postdocs can schedule individual advising sessions on career and professional development. You can discuss a range of topics with us, including career explorations, job applications, job search timeline, and interview preparation.


PhD Plus program is directed and administered by The Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs, located on the 5th floor of New Cabell Hall. 

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