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Professional success within and beyond the academy requires both subject matter expertise (as part of your PhD and Postdoc training) and an understanding of how to apply that knowledge in diverse professional environments towards addressing pressing issues. For PhD students and Postdocs considering careers in an organization – think tank, consulting, business, government, as well as independent research careers in university and industry – understanding how these organizations operate will allow you to deploy your knowledge more effectively.

This module is best suited for PhD students in middle and advanced years of training and all postdoctoral scholars (collectively called trainees).  

The Business in Society: Adding Value with your PhD skills series is developed with and offered by faculty at the Darden School of Business, and will give you an introduction to the language of business (applicable to all organizations) and how to navigate this environment. Darden faculty Ed Freeman, Mike Lenox, Brian MoriartyRoshni Raveendhran and Paul Simko are teaching this module.  

Learning Goals

  • Contemplate and discuss the value of PhD in society
  • Develop confidence in application of academic training to diverse careers that involves development of research, business or programs
  • Broaden knowledge of the fundamental strategies and language of business
  • Broaden knowledge of structures and cultures of organizations across sectors
  • Find a venue for inter-disciplinary discussions, and holistic thought and perspectives
  • Learn, discuss and deliberate on ethics, ethical leadership, social responsibility, and public trust
  • Gain insights on team behaviors, effective communication to manage diverse teams, constituents and collaborations (stakeholders)

PhD Plus Business in Society skills series will be piloted in Spring 2021. Click on skills series button below for details on topics, schedule and registration links.

Recommended Prior Training

For optimal learning experience and outcomes, we recommend participation in PhD Plus Foundations series and PhD Plus Career Design prior to this module.

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Skills Series


Click here for details on topics, schedule and Darden faculty instructors leading PhD Plus Business in Society skills series

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