Business in Society

Business in Society: Adding Value with your PhD

This series developed with and offered by faculty at the Darden School of Business will give you an introduction to the language of the business world (applicable across organizations) and how to navigate this environment. This series is best suited for PhD students in middle and advanced years of training and all postdoctoral scholars. 


Darden faculty teaching in this module are Ed Freeman, Brian Moriarty, Roshni Raveendhran, Yo-Jud Cheng, Ayana Younge, and Paul Simko.  

Spring 2024: Topics and Schedule

This series is occurring in person on Tuesdays from 1-2:30 PM EST from February 6 and April 16, 2024. Participation in this series will involve prior reading of case studies and book chapters, watching videos, and completing an online assessment. The total effort for completion of the series is 20-25 hours. Upon successful completion, PhD students will receive a non-credit credential on their academic transcript (PhDP 9440).


  1. Purpose of business (February 6) with Dr. R. Edward Freeman
  2. Bringing values to work: ethics of business (February 13) with Dr. R. Edward Freeman
  3. Thinking strategically & leveraging capabilities (February 20) with Dr. Yo-Jud Cheng
  4. Negotiation in organizations (February 27) with Dr. Roshni Raveendhran
  5. Linking strategy and the financial statements (March 12) with Dr. Paul Simko
  6. Cash Flows, Earnings, and Decision Making (March 19) with Dr. Paul Simko
  7. Best Self (March 26) with Ayana Younge
  8. Turning complex career path into a compelling narrative (April 2) with Dr. Brian Moriarty
  9. Navigating organizational politics (April 9) with Dr. Brian Moriarty
  10. Putting it all together (April 16) with Dr. Yo-Jud Cheng

Register Here

This is a popular series and requires commitment to full participation. Registrants are expected to complete readings/assignments in between sessions and engaging in weekly sessions through instructor-student and peer-to-peer interactions. 

Priority of attendance will be given to those who commit to participating in the majority of series (including learning time in between sessions) and are at advanced stages of training (e.g. PhD students in years 3+). Registration will close by 5 PM (ET) on Jan 26, 2024 or when we reach our maximum registration capacity (whichever is earlier).

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