Science Policy

PhD Plus collaborates with the Science Policy Initiative (SPI) at UVA, a student organization empowering scientists and engineers to be more informed and involved in science policy, to develop and offer career events, skills training and experiences in Science Policy. 

Learning Goals

The primary learning goals of PhD Plus Science Policy core module are

  1. Enhancing awareness about careers opportunities in science policy, and fellowships at the federal and state level.
  2. Providing a peer community for PhD students and Postdocs pursuing opportunities in science policy.
  3. Offering skills training series to prepare graduate students for careers in science policy.
  4. Providing access to experiential learning opportunities developed at the local and national scale. 


Applying to a Science Policy Fellowship or Internship Program?  Click here to learn about the support PhD Plus provides UVA applicants.

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Are you curious about science policy careers after PhD? Learn about relevant careers here!

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To learn about science policy careers, you should cultivate a professional community and connect with professionals in these fields.

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Skills Series


PhD Plus Science Policy Bootcamp is offered every Spring during the University's J-term.

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Here, you can learn about experiential learning opportunities for science policy and stories of PhD student participants.