Digital Humanities: Praxis Program


PhD Plus collaborates with Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia Library to develop careers events, skills series and experience for diverse careers that leverage digital humanities skills and research. As a consequence of this collaboration, upon completing the Praxis Program, PhD students receive a non-credit credential (PhDP 9200) on their academic transcripts. 

For details on relevant offerings and stories, click on the four categories below: Research, Community, Skills series and Experience. 

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Are you curious about digital humanities careers after PhD? Learn about relevant careers here!

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To learn about digital humanities careers, you should cultivate a professional community and connect with professionals in these fields.

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Skills Series


PhD Plus Digital Humanities: Praxis Program is offered through Fall and Spring, designed to help PhD students and Postdocs gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to land a digital humanities job.

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Here, you can learn about experiential learning opportunities for digital humanities and stories of PhD student participants.