Additional Opportunities

PhD Plus is often asked to promote internship opportunities for graduate students. We will update this page with additional opportunities as we receive them. 


PhD Internship | Parenting Translator Foundation

The focus of the Charlottesville-based Parenting Translator Foundation is to provide free access to evidence-based research related to parenting and child development that is translated so that it is useful, accurate, timely, and relevant to the lives of parents. Translated research is disseminated through parent-friendly mediums such as Instagram, podcasts, newsletters, and a website.

If you are a Psychology, Sociology, or Education (or related field) graduate student, that loves reading research but wishes that it was written in a more digestible way than this Internship is for you. Our goal is to take complex research and translate it into easily accessible information that is actionable for parents, families, and teachers. You will have the opportunity to read research and grow your writing skills in a variety of formats.

This is a flexible, paid internship available during the summer and school year. Looking for a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week.