PhD+ Research Communication Level 1, Session 1: Audience Awareness

In Person (Register for Location)

Have you ever heard anyone say, "know your audience"? That's great advice, but how do you do it? In this session, we will explore a variety of ways of getting to know your audience, even if you don’t know who your audience may be at this point. 

Series Description

The Research Communication Series (Level 1) is a 4-part training workshop that covers audience analysis, message design, writing in plain language, and storytelling. The workshop will meet in person on Tuesdays, Feb. 6 – 27, from 3:00-5:00 pm. 

  1. Audience Awareness | Feb. 6
  2. Purpose and Medium | Feb. 13
  3. Writing in Plain Language | Feb. 20
  4. Storytelling | Feb. 27

Earn a PhD Plus Credential:

Upon successful completion (75%, or 3 sessions) of this series, PhD students are eligible for a non-credit credential (PhDP 9000) on their academic transcript (at no cost to students). PhD students can complete the module over multiple semesters.



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