PhD Plus Business in Society 6: Cash Flows, Earnings, and Decision Making

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This is the sixth session of the PhD Plus Business in Society: Adding value with your PhD skills series.

This session will focus on how decisions are made using projected financial data. From our discussion you should begin to appreciate the differences between cash flow and earnings, and importantly how basic financial models are constructed and evaluated.



Paul Simko, Associate Professor of Business Administration



This is a popular series and requires commitment to full participation. Registrants are expected to complete readings/assignments between sessions and engage in weekly sessions through instructor-student and peer-to-peer interactions. 

Priority of attendance will be given to those who commit to participating in the majority of the series (including learning time in between sessions) and are in advanced stages of training (e.g. PhD students in 3+ years). Registration will close by 5 PM (ET) on Jan 26, 2024, or when we reach our maximum registration capacity (whichever is earlier).


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