PhD+ Consulting 8: Practice Case Interview #8 and Data-Driven Storytelling for Consulting

Rouss-Robertson Hall 258

Prior to this session, students will be asked to purchase an online module which walks them through how to convert their excel model into a simple and clear power point presentation. Once again, student volunteers will be asked to present their analysis. We will then conduct another practice case interview as well as leave some time to answer any final questions you may have.  

This session builds on the Fall 2023 sessions. Registration is open to Fall participants only.


Brendan Boler, Ph.D. - Brendan Boler received his PhD from the Darden School and completed his Presidential Fellowship in Data Science at the UVA Data Science Institute. He previously spent seven years as a Professor at the McIntire School of Commerce. His research and teaching is focused on better understanding the cognitive and social psychology behind effective decision making, experiential learning, data-driven storytelling, and predictive analytics. Much of his research is conducted within the context of employment assessments and interviews.

An award-winning instructor while at McIntire, he taught courses in management consulting and strategic thinking. Given his teaching and research interests, he’s also passionate about coaching students to achieve their peak levels of performance during high-stakes employment assessments. Prior to moving into academia, Boler served as an executive within Accenture's Customer Insight (Marketing Analytics) practice. His clients included AT&T, Cablevision, Cisco Systems, Ford Motor Company, Ogilvy & Mather, Verizon, and Young & Rubicam.



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