PhD+ Commercialization Series Session 3

Rouss Hall 403

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PhD Plus Commercialization series provides a  more specific background in the players and processes involved in the commercialization of inventions/discoveries (e.g., stakeholder interests, patents, license structures, sources of funding and deal terms, founders' agreements, incorporation). This module is offered every Spring semester, and developed in collaboration with the UVA Darden's Batten Institute and the UVA Licensing and Ventures Group.

PhD+ Commercialization seminar series will be offered every Thursday between March 16th and April 27th from 4-5:15 PM. The series will be in-person in Rouss Hall 403


Session 3 Topic: Intellectual Property

Today’s discussion will address a series of questions related to intellectual property. What types of work can be copyrighted? What is covered by and how do you register a trademark? What types of inventions can or cannot be patented? How are these forms of intellectual property different?

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