PhD+ Future Faculty: Use Strategic Thinking to Develop Your Research

Virtual (Please RSVP to receive Zoom link)

This session is part of the Future Faculty (2022) Level 2: Research, Teaching, and DEI.

Starting independent research, setting up your own lab or your 3-5 year research agenda, is similar to startup endeavors. However, transitioning from graduate student/Postdoctoral research projects to thinking long-term can be overwhelming. Yet, to write a successful research statement and present your research plans during campus interviews effectively require thoughtful long-term thinking.

To help you better approach your research agenda and think like a faculty member, come and learn strategic thinking practices often used in the business sector. In this session, Dr. David Touve will walk you through a framework of strategic thinking and explain how to analyze "industry structure" (i.e., universities and departments). You will begin to develop your unique strategy that includes short-term and long-term research and startup plans. This concept will also help in your success as an early-career faculty member/researcher/scholar.


David TouveSenior Director, Applied Innovation at Darden’s Batten Institute



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