PhD+ Future Faculty: Job Talk & Chalk Talk (STEM)

Virtual (Please RSVP to receive Zoom link)

This session is part of the Future Faculty (2022) Level 2: Research, Teaching, and DEI.

In this session, participants will discuss and learn expectations and best practices of job talk and chalk talks. In particular, learn how to approach your research development process by understanding the format, your audience, and how to design your slides.


Rachel Letteri, Ph.D.. Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Letteri's research interests include materials involving functional polymers, peptides, and interfacial assemblies with applications in medicine and engineering, among others.  Rachel also enjoys sharing science and engineering with others through education and outreach.

The LETTERI LAB is engineering materials that synergistically combine polymers and peptides to enable productive interactions with living systems and address central challenges in medicine and engineering.  Our specific interests include understanding and exploiting stereochemistry-driven interactions and stimuli-responsive motifs to control materials properties, and using polymers to present and encapsulate peptides in ways that maximize their function.



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