PhD+ Foundations 9: Developing Professional Presence and Relationships

New Cabell Hall, French Conference Room (349)

This is the ninth session of the PhD+ Fall 2021 Foundations series. In this 90-minute interactive workshop, we will together explore the creative and professional ways to present ourselves in networking and establish a professional yet powerful presence. We will also discuss different considerations and ideas for presenting yourself and your work, meeting people on different occasions, and different ways of networking. This session helps to debunk some myths around networking and provides practical guidance for you to feel more confident in approaching these aspects.


Yi Hao, Ph.D. – Yi Hao (she/her/hers) is the Assistant Director of Graduate Professional Development at the University of Virginia, working on university-wide initiatives to support graduate students and postdocs in pursuing versatile career pathways. With a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, Dr. Hao’s research focuses on adult learning, gender issues, and faculty and leadership development in two-year and four-year institutions with a focus on institutional and disciplinary contexts.



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