PhD+ Foundations 10: Taking Care of Our Well-Being

New Cabell Hall, French Conference Room (349)

This is the tenth session of the PhD+ Spring 2022 Foundations series. We are helping our mentees, students, and colleagues through stressful situations, all the while trying to take care of ourselves, PhD or Postdoctoral work, families, and more. We will discuss wellness and self-care strategies critical for our ability to take care of ourselves while helping others. In this session, you will actively explore strategies to manage stress, work-life balance, and lead a healthy lifestyle as an academic trainee. We will work to develop mindful strategies to set realistic personal and professional goals, as well as reflect on strategies to take action. This session will include multiple aspects of healthy living strategies, including nutrition, sleep, and exercise. 


Yi Hao, Ph.D. – Yi Hao (she/her/hers) is the Assistant Director of Graduate Professional Development at the University of Virginia, working on university-wide initiatives to support graduate students and postdocs in pursuing versatile career pathways. With a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, Dr. Hao’s research focuses on adult learning, gender issues, and faculty and leadership development in two-year and four-year institutions with a focus on institutional and disciplinary contexts.


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