Career Paths in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Alumni Panels

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Interested in learning about your career options but don't know where to start? This series features UVA PhD alumni from the arts, humanities and social sciences (AHSS) who have followed various career paths. You'll get to learn how they ended up where they are, what their daily life at work looks like, and what you can be doing now to prepare yourself for such a future. This is a great, low-stakes way to learn about what others are doing with their PhD degree, and to start imagining your own possibilities!



Featured Panelists: 

  • Jennifer Reut (Architectural History 2011), Senior Editor, Landscape Architecture Magazine
  • Abeer Saha (History 2021), Curator, Smithsonian


Future Panel: 

March 28 

  • Andrew Rouner (Religious Studies 2004), Director, Mason Publishing Group
  • Carrie Weaver (History of Art and Architecture 2013), Pursuit Manager, financial services


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