PhD+ Business in Society 1: Purpose of business


This is the first session of PhD Plus Business in Society: adding value with your PhD skills series

This session will explore how 21st Century businesses have adopted the idea that the purpose of business can be greater than just making profits. It explores the flaws in an old narrative of business that is set deeply in society.  Through the case study we examine how businesses can begin to see themselves as subject to societal forces as well as market forces.


The Power of And:  Responsible Business Without Tradeoffs by R. Edward Freeman, Kirsten E. Martin, and Bidhan L. Parmar, Chapters 1-5.

Chris Johnson and JAX Industries (Case)

Participants will be given access to reading materials.


R. Edward Freeman, Elis and Signe Olsson Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business


As this is a popular series, we are accepting applications for participation. Priority will be given to those students in middle and advanced year who can commit to completing series.

Apply Here by January 22 to attend


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