Graduate Instructor Seminar on the Teaching of Writing


The Graduate Instructor Seminar on the Teaching of Writing will provide graduate students from across schools and disciplines at UVA with advanced skills in writing instruction. Specifically, graduate instructors will learn how to introduce undergraduates and others to the varieties of writing that are central to their professional fields and disciplines; to design writing-related in-class activities specific to their fields and disciplines; and to respond efficiently and productively to student writing and other writing in-process.

During this four-day seminar, offered online from August 1-4, instructors will share research on the teaching of writing and models of assignments and other practical resources, respond to participant-generated teaching materials, provide practical pedagogical suggestions, and facilitate discussion among participants. The seminar’s format will include a combination of brief presentations, interactive workshops (using breakout rooms), and group discussion. The seminar is projected to meet for a total of 18 hours over 4 days.  A required follow-up session during fall 2022 will anticipate and reflect upon the participants’ initial application of the seminar’s work in their own subsequent work. 

Up to twenty graduate students will be chosen to participate, and each will receive approximately $625 in wages (at $25/hour, to include preparation, the follow-up sessions, and contributions to assessment of the program.  Please note that as wages, appropriate taxes will be withheld.) Participants will also receive a stipend of $50 for books and materials, which participants may order through the UVA bookstore or independently.  Participants will come away with greater knowledge about evidence-based practices in teaching writing as well as teaching materials they themselves prepare for their own courses and other writing-related activities. 

Major Topics Covered

  1. Addressing discipline-specific writing conventions
  2. Incorporating writing in a content-course: using writing-to-learn (W2L) & writing-to-communicate (W2C) activities (informal, impromptu writing vs. formal writing)
  3. Sequencing writing assignments (scaffolding and incorporating a multi-step process)
  4. Responding to student writers (engaging with W2L tasks & providing feedback on W2C papers)
  5. Incorporating writing instruction, including pre-writing assignments 
  6. Planning and coordinating peer review
  7. Teaching writing at the level of the sentence (grammar and style)


  • Students must be enrolled full-time in a graduate degree program at UVA, in good standing and eligible to work the designated number of hours.  
  • Students from all fields are welcome to apply
  • Foreign nationals and permanent residents are also eligible to participate
  • Students must be located within the U.S. at the time of the training


Applicants will be selected according to the following criteria:

A: likelihood of being able to apply their learning from the seminar during fall of 2022, or the 2022-23 academic year,
B: likelihood of being able to contribute well—through collaboration and through reflection on what is understood to constitute good writing in their own disciplines—to the seminar, and 
C: representation by the group of a wide range of disciplines.

To apply, please submit by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 29, 2022: 

  • A current Curriculum Vitae.
  • A additional page in twelve-point font, giving your name, department, sub-field (if applicable), school, degree sought, year in program, and evidence of a) and b) above.
  • A completed acknowledgement of support form filled out by a faculty advisor or DGS that confirms eligibility and participation.

Please compile the three pages as a single PDF (the support form should be the final item) and upload using the form here >> .

Upload Documentation

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application by Friday, May 6. 


Please feel free to direct questions to:
Heidi Nobles:
Anastatia Curley: