PhD+ Internship Program: Propose Your Own Internships

In addition to arranged internships, we invite applicants to propose an internship of interest with a host of their own choosing to be included in the PhD+ Internship Program. 

Note that this is a competitive selection process, and not all submitted applications will guaranteed approval. For further questions, email Mallory Neil, Assistant Director of Experiential learning, or schedule an advising appointment.


The Propose Your Own (PYO) option was created to allow students flexibility in finding and participating in an internship that aligns with their career goals. Students have utilized this option in the past to connect with a business/organization willing to host an intern, but who has not submitted an internship request via the PhD+ internship request submission process for university and external partners.

In order to submit an internship for the PYO option, students must identify an external organization of choice, conduct outreach to discuss an internship, and confirm the internship with their potential site/supervisor prior to submitting a request during the PhD+ internship application process that occurs early each spring. 

Propose Your Own experiences must not be related to a student's dissertation research in order to be considered.

Students wanting to pursue this option should discuss the following with their potential internship site:

  1. Mentorship Plan: How will you be mentored during the experience? Who will guide you through the experience and ensure that you learn more about the organization and potential career path?
  2. Duties and Responsibilities: What will you be responsible for during the internship? What projects will you be involved in? What skills do you need going into the experience and what skills will you learn over the course of the internship?
  3. Timeframe: When will the internship take place? PYO internships can last a maximum of 2 semesters and may begin as early as Summer 2023.


Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a doctoral program at the University, be in good standing, and have completed all degree requirements with the exception of the dissertation. 


If approved, PYO internships are funded $6,000 per semester by PhD Plus for the 2023-24 internship program cycle. 


To propose your own internship, PhD candidates should follow these steps

  1. Identify an external organization of choice and contact potential internship host
  2. Apply through the online application system. (Instructions below) 


In addition to the template above, applicants must compile the following materials, in the order presented below, into a single PDF and upload through the online APPLICATION FORM.

  1. Resume or CV (including academic and professional experience)

  2. A 500 word statement on why you want to pursue this internship. How does it support your professional development and align with your career aspirations

  3. Your potential internship site must complete the PYO Internship Host Information Form

  4. Signed Acknowledgement Form- signed by the student's Director of Graduate Studies and Faculty Advisor.

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