Jasmine Crenshaw

DEI, PhD Plus Future Faculty
Biography Paragraphs
Jasmine Crenshaw full color headshot

Jasmine Crenshaw, PhD developed the diversity training skills series for PhD Plus Future Faculty core module. 

Dr. Jasmine Crenshaw is the Director of Diversity Programs, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of Virginia. She collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to establish programs aimed to cultivate a supportive environment for all and recruits diverse community members. She holds a Bachelor of Science in physics from North Carolina A&T State University and PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Florida. Her graduate research focused on the self-assembly of Biomolecular motor proteins during active transport for drug delivery applications. Dr. Crenshaw has a keen awareness in the value, purpose, and need for academic support initiatives for students from underrepresented and underserved populations.

Core Module