CSC: Student Flourishing Initiative- Research & Documentation Internship


The mission of the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) is to advance the study and application of human flourishing at all levels of education—K-12, undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong. In particular we are focused on how educational institutions can better understand and facilitate the types of knowledge, mindsets, and practices that promote flourishing. 


Lyndsay Alexander, Director of Student Flourishing and Strategic Initiatives at the Contemplative Sciences Center


The Contemplative Sciences Center seeks applicants for a Research and Documentation Internship for the Student Flourishing Initiative (SFI), a collaboration between UVA and Stanford University that explores how university structures, processes, and activities may impinge upon or promote student suffering and flourishing, with the goal of synthesizing information across 22 principal domains of higher education to summarize the literature and compile examples of how universities can facilitate greater student flourishing both during students’ years in college as well as in their lives post-graduation. 


This internship will build on previous efforts to review literature, identify and document exemplary instances at UVA, Stanford and other institutions of higher education and create high quality materials (profiles, bibliographies, curated guides, website content, etc.). 


In addition to developing a deep knowledge of factors that contribute to or impede student flourishing in higher education, intern will have the opportunity to learn project management skills including defining the scope of their work, establishing a timeline and clear set of deliverables, and managing their work with input and support from their supervisor. Intern will have the opportunity to improve research, interviewing and writing skills. Intern will also have the opportunity to contribute materials for publication on a forthcoming portal, the University of Flourishing, in conjunction with project leadership.    


This internship will prepare for careers in any of the following 

  • Faculty 
  • Research Administration 
  • Academic Administration 
  • Communication and Outreach 


The intern will receive mentoring and supervision from Lyndsay Alexander, Director of Student Flourishing and Strategic Initiatives at the Contemplative Sciences Center. 


The internship will commence in fall of 2022 and may continue through Spring of 2023. Typical effort involved is 10 hours per week. 


The intern will be funded up to $5000 per semester. 

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