UVA IDEA Fund Internship


The UVA IDEA Fund, in collaboration with the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, provides action-oriented leadership and support to University initiatives in order to ensure that the values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access permeate the University community and culture.  


Karima I. A. Bouchenafa and Jennifer Gibert Mencarini, IDEA Fund Trustees


As Alumni Trustees, we provide action-oriented leadership in support of the University of Virginia’s aim to be accessible, equitable, diverse and inclusive. The intern will support the respective missions of the UVA IDEA Fund. Some of the learning outcomes will be: 

  • Increased knowledge of nonprofit board administration and governance, team building, development, and strategic planning 
  • Increased knowledge of and experience in advocacy and programming related to inclusion diversity, equity, and access efforts  
  • Enhanced skills in program administration, research, and community outreach • Grant making and grant management skills  
  • Presentation skills  


The internship will provide the intern with opportunities to develop and/or refine skills especially applicable in any of the following fields:  

  • Faculty 
  • Academic Research and Administration 
  • Non-profit 
  • Advocacy and Policy 
  • Communication, Outreach, and Publishing 
  • Teaching 


The internship will provide the intern with opportunities to develop and/or refine the following skills: 

  • Communicating to diverse audiences 
  • Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams with diverse backgrounds and roles 
  • Knowledge of sector and networking 
  • Problem-solving and analytical 
  • Data literacy and fluency 
  • Project management and leadership 
  • Self and career management 
  • Thought leadership and innovation 
  • Grant writing and funding development 
  • Teaching, mentoring, and training 
  • Marketing 


The UVA IDEA Fund has several interesting areas of focus; each of those areas is led by one of our trustees/board members. The PhD+ intern will support the following areas:  

  • General Meeting Support  
  • Calendar and Board Tools Management Support 
  • Marketing and Communications 
  • Development 
  • Special Project Support (e.g., Big IDEA, Memorial to Enslaved Laborers-MEL, etc.)  
  • Mini-Grants  
  • MLM Endorsed Award  
  • Board Nominations and Governance Support


The intern will receive direct mentoring and supervision from the IDEA Fund's Chair and Vice-Chair, including initial training and orientation with regard to the mission of the organization and standards for communication, with the expectation of increasing autonomy as the internship progresses. As relevant, the intern may be offered the opportunity to attend and present work at IDEA Fund-related events and programming. At present, the intern will complete most duties virtually, and will communicate with the Chair, Vice-Chair, and other Trustees via email, Zoom, and phone. Normally, the intern's work will be conducted on a weekly basis with multi-week goals and weekly meetings and regular "check-ins" via email. If possible, the sponsor (or another Trustee) will travel to UVA (either in the summer or fall) to meet with the intern in person, provide orientation, and begin developing the intern's specific goals and work plans.  


Prospective interns must demonstrate competency, as well as the motivation to develop professionally, in each of the following areas: 

  • Interpersonal communication with a diversity of constituencies (internal and external to the University)  
  • Written and spoken communication  
  • Use of technology, social media, and online productivity tools to complete assigned responsibilities  
  • Project management and problem-solving ability 
  • Initiative in fulfillment of responsibilities and identification of opportunities for the IDEA Fund to support students/student organizations   


The internship may occur during Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and/or Spring 2023 depending on the intern’s availability and the department’s need. 


PhD+ interns will be paid up to $5000 per semester ($25 per hour for 200 hours per semester). 

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