Internship at Office of Undergraduate Research


Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Virginia.


Brian Cullaty, Director.


The Office of Undergraduate Research offers programs and funding that facilitate student research experiences in all areas of scholarship and provides undergraduates with services such as individual consultations, information on research grants, workshops and opportunities to present research. We are committed to maintaining and connecting students with a variety of opportunities to get involved in research on grounds.

Career Development 

This internship will prepare an intern for careers in any of the following

  • Teaching
  • Academic and research administration.


  • Teach Introduction to Academic Research seminar. The intern will teach one or two 20-student sections of a one-credit course that provides skills development to undergraduates on topics such as library facilities, citation management, research ethics, a range of disciplinary methods across the academic divisions, graduate-level study, research careers beyond academe, and presenting research to generalist audiences. The curriculum and lesson plans are already established, but instructors are encouraged to inform their presentation of these materials with their own experiences. Instructors mentor their students in completing a literature review or project proposal in the fall and in preparing a poster or oral presentation for a final symposium in the spring.
  • Perform outreach to the University community. The intern will deliver presentations on the work of the office to various student groups and faculty as invited. 
  • Program assessment and evaluation. Create, administer and analyze evaluations for events, workshops and presentations.
  • Coordinate orientation events and student symposia.
  • Coordinate guest speakers to supplement the Introduction to Academic Research curriculum.

Skills Development

This internship will provide experiences to develop and polish the following skills

  • Communicating to a diverse audience

  • Project management and leadership

  • Teaching, mentoring, and training

  • Strategic outreach and communication within an academic setting

Mentoring Plan

The intern will receive direct mentoring from Director Brian Cullaty, who will guide them on working collaboratively with a variety of constituents, especially first- and second-year undergraduates and students from underrepresented ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The intern will also regularly attend staff meetings at which strategic planning for the office takes place.

Desired Qualities

The intern should have some prior experience or broad competence in the following

  • Public speaking  
  • Project management or leadership experience 
  • Strong organization skills  
  • Mentoring or teaching experience

Duration and Effort

The internship will commence in the Fall of 2020 (20 weeks; 10 hours per week average effort) and continue through Spring 2021 (20 weeks; 10 hours per week average effort).


$25 per hour wage provided by the Office of Undergraduate Research