Future Faculty Workshops

The Future Faculty workshops consist of in-person and virtual sessions, panel discussions, asynchronous materials (videos and reflections), and feedback sessions where participants can get feedback on job application materials and practice interviews and job talks in a supportive environment. For optimal results, attendees are encouraged to attend as many sessions as necessary for their development as a faculty candidate, and to spend time outside the scheduled sessions to apply information and strategies learned in practice to submit draft materials for suggestions along the way.

These workshops are open to students and postdocs in ANY field. You may register for any and all sessions that are relevant to you and your search. 


  • June 4, 2:00 pm: Navigating the Academic Job Search Process (In-person, Location: TBD)
  • June 20, 12:00 pm: Creating Strong CVs and Cover Letters (Virtual)
  • June 26, 11:00 am: Reflective Teaching Statements (Virtual, option 1 of 2 dates, same content as 9/20)
  • July 30, 2:00 pm: DEI Statements (Virtual)
  • August 6, 3 pm: Crafting a Compelling Research Statement: Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences (Virtual)
  • August 8, 1 pm: Crafting a Compelling Research Statement: STEM Fields (Virtual)
  • September 3-13, Times TBD: Peer Feedback Sessions
  • September 20, 1 pm: Reflective Teaching Statements (In-person, Location: TBD, option 2 of 2 dates, same content as 6/26)
  • October 1, 3 pm: Interviewing for Faculty Positions (In-person, Location: TBD)
  • November 6, 2 pm: Negotiating Faculty Job Offers (Virtual)

Students who are planning to apply for faculty positions during the 2024-2025 academic year are strongly encouraged to participate in as many sessions as possible.