Rivanna Medical Internship: Cville Biohub


Rivanna Medical LLC, in partnership with C'ville Biohub




Rivanna Medical, LLC (“RIVANNA”) is a privately held designer, manufacturer, and distributor of medical technologies and services based in Charlottesville, VA where it produces the Accuro® product line and related medical equipment and components. The mission of RIVANNA is to improve global human health through excellence in research, development, and commercialization of innovative medical technologies. The prospective intern would directly contribute to the company's 2020 objectives including development and validation of new Accuro product features as well as early R&D work toward the commercialization of a new products within the company's development pipeline.

Career Development 

This internship will prepare intern for following careers

  • faculty
  • industry and for-profit
  • communication, outreach and publishing
  • patent and commercialization
  • Entrepreneurship and venture capital
  • Regulatory affairs, marketing and sales


The prospective intern will work within RIVANNA's R&D team under the direction of the VP of Engineering. This is a hands-on multidisciplinary internship experience in which the right candidate will interface with existing and new product development projects at all stages within the product development lifecycle from design input stage through transfer to manufacturing. RIVANNA operates its R&D activities within an FDA registered and ISO 13485- certified quality management system. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to medical device research and development, manufacturing, and quality and regulatory.

Skills Development

This internship will provide experiences to develop and polish the following skills

  • Inter-disciplinary team collaboration
  • Thought leadership and Innovation
  • Grant training and pitching for funding
  • Software, Electronics and Biomedical Engineering

Mentoring Plan

The prospective intern will work within RIVANNA's R&D team under the direction of the VP of Engineering. Our mentoring goals is to develop the intern into a fully contributing member of an innovative medical device industry R&D team.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding product development lifecycle management under FDA GMP and ISO 13485 standards
  • Software development skills for programming languages including Python, C++, Matlab
  •  Human factors engineering processes including usability testing and risk management
  •  Understanding basic quality management principles and objectives

Desired Qualities

We encourage students from Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electronics backgrounds to apply. Interns should have

  • Prior Lab research experience
  • Ability to work within an interdisciplinary team
  •  Excellent communication skills
  • Software skills

Duration and Effort

The internship will commence in Summer 2020 (June through mid-August). The Internship will involve part-time commitment, with a potential opportunity for full-time commitment over the same timeline in summer. 


This internship provides up to $5000 in wage replacement and general living support for part-time commitment. Funding may vary for a full-time commitment, if applicable.