Propose your own Internship


In addition to arranged internships beginning Summer 2020, we invite applicants to propose an internship of interest with a host of their own choosing. The proposed internship can begin in Summer 2020 or Academic year 2020-2021. 


Applications are due by 5 pm on Thursday, February 20.  We are looking to finalize placements by mid-March.

Complete this Internship Proposal template with the proposed host. 

In addition to the template above, applicants must compile the following materials, in the order presented below, into a single PDF and upload through the online application form

  1. CV (including academic and professional experience)

  2. Statement of interest in a particular internship, including any particular or expected impact on the student’s professional development towards career aspirations

  3. Endorsement of good academic standing and suitability for an internship from Director of Graduate Studies or Advisor

  4. A detailed budget including living support, travel and housing for the duration of the internship. Please upload this as "additional information" with your completed application.  

Funding and Duration

In order to incorporate professional development within the standard timeframe for obtaining a graduate degree, the proposed internships should follow the same guidelines as other internship opportunities advertised through the program. They are limited to an average of twenty hours per week during the ten-week summer period or ten hours of effort per week during the twenty-week semester-length assistantship period.  Students should submit a detailed budget including living support, travel, and housing allowances.  Internships do not provide funding for tuition, fees, or health insurance.