PhD Plus Internships 2020-2021

PhD Plus provides doctoral students in middle and advanced years, with the opportunity to pursue an internship with a University office or external partner. The intent of these internships is to engage and develop students’ professional competencies beyond those typically addressed within their academic training. Our goal is to provide students with substantive exposure to activities that will render them more distinct and versatile on the academic job market while also broadening their career options.


Below are opportunities available beginning in Summer 2020 and Academic Year 2020-2021. Click on links for more details on specific internships. Attend information sessions associated with the internships to meet the PhD Plus team to learn about how to leverage these internships within your academic schedules, and interact with PhD Plus internship sponsors and interns to learn more about the sponsoring organizations, and the internship opportunities. Lunch will be served at information sessions. Please RSVP through the appropriate links below. 

University Office



Information SessionFebruary 10, Monday, 12-1 pm | New Cabell Hall 552.

Meet sponsors Professor Debjani Ganguly, Director, and Anne Gilliam, Program Manager (RSVP for lunch). 


Information SessionFebruary 10, Monday, 12-1 pm | New Cabell Hall 552.

Meet sponsor Brian Cullaty, Director, and PhD Plus intern Melissa Hey (RSVP for lunch).


Information SessionFebruary 13, Thursday, 12-1 pm | New Cabell Hall 349

Meet sponsors Qian Cai, Director, Demographics Research Group; Claire Downey, Media Team Videographer and Editor; Kara Fitzgibbon, Director, Center for Survey Research; Elizabeth Marshall, Senior Project Coordinator, Center for Economic and Policy Studies; Meredith Gunter, Director of Strategy and Public Engagement; Larry Terry, Executive Director, and PhD Plus intern Emelye Keyser (RSVP for lunch).

External Partner


In partnership with Cville Biohub, PhD Plus will offer internships in local biotech companies, entrepreneurship, venture capitals, and commercialization. More opportunities underway and will be announced soon.

Information SessionFebruary 7, Friday, 12-1 pm | MR5 (School of Medicine Building), Room 3005 

Learn about careers in biotech startups and venture capitals, and get details on the internships (RSVP for lunch).


Information SessionFebruary 11, Tuesday, 12-1 pm | New Cabell Hall 349

Meet sponsor Nancy L. Ruther, Principal and Founder, and PhD Plus interns Jordan Buysse and Alexa Jeffress (RSVP for lunch).

*We intend to expand upon these offerings and are cultivating further internships. Ideas from faculty and students in this regard are welcome.


Summer Internships offered in partnership with Environment Resilience Institute and UVA Career Center. Multiple Sponsors. Please note- application deadline, duration and funding for this program may differ from other PhD+ internships. Click on the embedded link for details on individual opportunities and application.

Propose your own internship

In addition to arranged internships, we invite PhD students to propose an internship with a host of their own choosing.   

Click here for details


Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a doctoral program at the University, be in good standing, and have completed all degree requirements with the exception of the dissertation. 


Applications are due by 5 pm on Thursday, February 20.  Finalists will be invited to interview with the internship sponsors during the week of February 24 and March 2.  Placement decisions will be finalized around mid-March.

Students can submit applications for up to two internships. Applicants must compile the following materials, in the order presented below, into a single PDF and upload through the online application form.

  1. CV (including academic and professional experience)

  2. Statement of interest in particular internships (providing a ranked list if multiple), including any particular continuity with or expected impact on the student’s professional development

  3. Endorsement of good academic standing and suitability for an internship from Director of Graduate Studies or Advisor


In order to incorporate professional development within the standard timeframe for obtaining a graduate degree, these internships are limited to an average of twenty hours per week during the ten-week summer period and ten hours of effort per week during the twenty-week semester-length assistantship period.  The internship provides $5,000 in support during the summer or per academic semester.  For students in the GSAS It will replace ten hours of assistantship support in a given semester.  These internships do not provide funding for tuition, fees and student health insurance.  However, a student who has exhausted the standard support awarded upon admission could combine an internship with a teaching or research assistantship that is funding their tuition, fees and health insurance for the year.


Please contact Sonali Majumdar, PhD (sm4jy) for further details on PhD Plus internship program, or in case of specific questions.