PhD+ Data Science Essentials in R: Visualizing Models & Communicating Results

March 28, 2019 | 3:00 pm
Brown Science & Engineering Library, Clark Hall Room 133

The UVA Library’s Research Data Services Team is partnering with UVA’s PhD Plus program to pilot a new module – Data Science Essentials in R – a six-session series to build data analysis, wrangling, and visualization skills.

Visualizing Models, Communicating Results in R - The statistical model is often the workhorse method for quantifying or establishing relationships in experimental or observational data. However the results of modeling are often tables of numbers that can defy intuition. In this workshop we introduce approaches to visualizing models in R to help explain how they work, what they mean and how certain we can be of their predictions. We’ll also present ways to help format modeling output for use in LaTeX or R Markdown reports. Speaking of R Markdown, that’s RStudio’s platform for creating documents that combine R code, output, graphs and exposition. We’ll get you up and running with R Markdown as well! This workshop assumes experience with R and linear modeling at the level of our Linear Modeling in R workshop.

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