Scholars' Lab and Digital Humanities Internship


The Scholars’ Lab is dedicated to educating researchers and teachers in the potential of digital technology in humanities and social science fields; support, mentor, and train members of University in digital humanities methods. 


Alison Booth, Professor, Director- Scholars' Lab, University of Virginia Libraries 


This intern will gain experience in administration within a university educational and research program; skills include planning colloquia, communicating with faculty and students about opportunities and events, maintaining student records. This intern will also experience project management and mentoring, working closely with a second part-time intern who has been a PhD+ intern in the same position (2021-2022). This intern has hosted hybrid meetings and has helped plan a syllabus in digital humanities. The PhD+ Intern may pursue the educational mission of an international discipline, digital humanities, and may attend workshops on such skills as website design, GIS, or other strengths of the Scholars' Lab. 


This internship will prepare the intern for careers in any of the following: 

  • Faculty 
  • Academic Research and Administration 
  • Communication, Outreach, and Publishing 
  • Teaching 


This internship will provide experiences to develop and polish the following skills: 

  • Communication to diverse audiences 
  • Interdisciplinary team collaboration 
  • Data literacy and fluency 
  • Project management and leadership 
  • Teaching, mentoring, and training 


PhD+ DH Certificate Program Manager (DHCPM) will complete the following responsibilities:

  • Meets weekly with Alison Booth and other intern to coordinate the Collab site records, admissions schedule, monthly meetings of the Advisory Committee.
  • Edits the DH@UVA website
  • Maintains the current student list of Certificate program and updates various documents and records needs for the certificate program
  • Collects notice of events and opportunities in DH and communicates with current students.
  • Some advising office hours for applicants to consult on requirements of the certificate.
  • Host the virtual meeting for any hybrid event.
  • Meet periodically with Miller and RA to coordinate event planning in DH, including the Certificate.
  • May research resources in DH pedagogy. 


Mentoring comes not only from the Academic Director but from the previous intern, as well as the experiences of working with other interns in the Scholars' Lab. In particular, we plan for the PhD+ Intern to meet and coordinate with Head of Public Services Laura Miller, a professional librarian, and her intern (graduate student) working on community management, communications (newsletter, website, organizing lectures and workshops) and pedagogical resources (for Head of Student Programs Brandon Walsh). 


Preferable to have a background in online media, digital scholarship, and any area of humanities or social science (qualitative). No specific digital skills required in advance other than the usual graduate use of computers, calendars, and communication (email, Slack), but any previous website editing is a plus. Anyone who can write clearly, organize a schedule, effectively host an academic event in person on online, moderate chat or q&a. Ability to understand and collaborate with others who in many fields (music to nursing), from many countries and of diverse identities. 


This internship will occur during the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semester. 


This internship is funded up to $5000 per semester ($25/hour at 10 hours/week) 

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