PhD+ Internship Info Session: Cville Biohub & Partners

MR5 (Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science Building), Room 3005 (415 Lane Rd Charlottesville, VA 22903)

PhD Plus is collaborating with Cville Biohub to familiarize PhD students on careers in Entrepreneurship, Commercialization and business in biotech and life sciences companies. As part of this collaboration on professional development of PhD students, we will offer internships in local biotech companies, entrepreneurship, venture capitals, and commercialization. More opportunities are underway and will be announced soon.

Current internship opportunity include

Attend this information session to 

  • Meet Cville Biohub team- Nikki Hastings, PhD alum from BIMS, and Stephany Oettinger
  • Learn about careers in biotech startups, business of life science, venture capitals and commercialization
  •  Get details on the current and upcoming internships. 

Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program at the University and have completed all degree requirements with the exception of the dissertation. 

Please RSVP for lunch.

PhD Plus provides doctoral students in middle and advanced years, with the opportunity to pursue an internship with a University office or external partner. The intent of these internships is to engage and develop students’ professional competencies beyond those typically addressed within their academic training. Our goal is to provide students with substantive exposure to activities that will render them more distinct and versatile on the academic job market while also broadening their career options. See more PhD+ Internship Opportunities 2020-2021: Call for Applications