PhD+ Career Design 3: Community for Career Research & Professional Development


PhD+ Career Design skills training series in Spring 2021 will be offered every Thursday of February at 3.30 pm – 5 pm (5 weeks equal to 7.5 hours in-class time. Excludes preparation time). We encourage all PhD students in year 2 and above, and Postdoctoral Scholars at all stages of training to participate. Upon successful completion (75%) of this session, PhD students are eligible for non-credit credential (PhDP 9100) in academic transcript.

This is the third session of PhD Plus Career Design skills training series

Learning outcomes:

In this session, trainees (PhD students and Postdocs) will

  • Understand value of professional communities, comprising peers, alums, mentors, allies, advocates to
  1. broaden knowledge of careers, organizational structures and cultures
  2. learn about skills valued in diverse careers
  • learn strategies to cultivate and expand professional communities through informational interviews, social media platforms, and networking opportunities.
  • Build peer groups comprising shared career interests for collective career research and preparation, goal-setting and creating accountabilities
  • Identify ‘mentors’ for professional development and career preparation
  • Find allies and advocates for professional development and career advancement
  • Determine connections between different professional ‘communities’ cultivated for distinct careers.

This session will involve pre-workshop and post-workshop preparation.


Sonali Majumdar, PhD - Associate Director of Graduate Professional Development, Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs


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