PhD+ Business in Society 6: Leading yourself and teams


This is the sixth session of PhD Plus Business in Society: adding value with your PhD skills series.

Leadership is a fundamental aspect of business. Despite myths about leadership being an inherent trait, you can develop critical skills through practice to improve your leadership ability. In this session, we will explore both how to effectively lead yourself and lead others. We will begin by focusing on self-awareness to enable you to gain a deeper understanding about your own preferences, habits, and biases. Following this, we build on this idea of leading yourself to explore core concepts and skills for creating strong and enduring relationships with colleagues, and leading others effectively. Specifically, we will explore the following questions: 

  • How can I become aware of my own leadership strengths and shortcomings? 
    How can I leverage my strengths to create strong relationships with colleagues? 
    How can I effectively build and lead teams by leveraging my strengths to empower others? 


  • Case study


Roshni Raveendhran, Assistant Professor in Business Administration, Darden School of Business


As this is a popular series, we are accepting applications for participation. Priority will be given to those students in middle and advanced year who can commit to completing series.

Apply Here by January 22 to attend


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