PhD+ Business in Society 3: Thinking Strategically & Leveraging Capabilities

Robertson Hall 116, McIntire School of Commerce

This is the third session of PhD Plus Business in Society: adding value with your PhD skills series.

Critical to working in a business, or any organization, is learning to think strategically.  In this session, you will explore the meaning and importance of business strategy to an organization's competitive positioning and success. You'll learn about strategic analysis and SWOT, competitor, and environmental analysis tools. 

Central to the success of any organization is the ability to leverage capabilities to deliver value for stakeholders.  In this session, we'll also examine the tangible and intangible assets that form an organization's strength. 


  • Case study


  • Intro to Strategic Analysis 
  • Analyzing Firm capabilities

Participants will be given access to online materials.


Michael J. Lenox, Tayloe Murphy Professorship in Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer, Darden School of Business


As this is a popular series, we are accepting applications for participation. Priority will be given to those students in middle and advanced year who can commit to completing series.

Apply Here by January 22 to attend


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