PhD+ and SPI: From C’ville to the Capitol: Recent Hoo Alumni in Science Policy

Zoom & In Person (see below)

PhD+ and the Science Policy Initiative (SPI) will host From C’ville to the Capitol: Recent Hoo Alumni in Science Policy on Thursday, December 1st at 3:30 PM. UVA graduate alumni will share their experiences with science policy in graduate school and how they use their PhD skills in science policy careers post-graduation. Ask any questions you have about working in the policy domain.

The panel will offer a sneak peek of experiences and skills you'll hear more about if you sign up for the January term 2023 Science Policy Bootcamp hosted by SPI and PhD+, so make sure to attend! Speakers will attend virtually, but there will be a physical “watch room” for those who want to view the event with others. The Zoom link will be sent the week of the event.  



We are excited to be able to host this panel in a hybrid format with opportunities to connect virtually via Zoom and in person for those who would like to participate in the event together. If you are planning to participate in person, please plan to arrive ~10 minutes early (3:20 pm) to grab snacks and coffee and find a seat before we get started.

In-Person Location: New Cabell Hall, French Conference Room, Room 349 

Zoom Link


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