Plan Your Year: PhD Plus Annual Calendar

The PhD Plus annual calendar provides a snapshot of current and future offerings, and will help PhD students and Postdocs plan their annual professional development goals.  

Following is a list of PhD Plus skills series of core modules in 2020-2021 academic year (click here for definition of terms). Skills series span multiple weeks in a semester, and some across multiple semesters. Skill series that span multiple semesters are identified as part 1 or part 2. 

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

Summer 2021

Foundations series  Foundations series  Mini-Foundations series 
Career Design Career Design

Career Design for Postdocs


Research (level 1)


Research (level 1)

Consulting (Part 1) Consulting (Part 2) Future Faculty: STEM
Data Literacy: Python Data Literacy: R  

Digital Humanities:

Praxis Fellowship (Part 1)

Digital Humanities:

Praxis Fellowship (Part 2)

Career Development Bootcamp for  International PhDs
Fellowship: GRFP series

Business in Society (new!)

Future Faculty: AHSS Future Faculty: AHSS (Level 1)  
Future Faculty: STEM    
Innovation Series Commercialization series  
Tomorrow's Professor Today (Part 1) Tomorrow's Professor Today (Part 2)  
Three-Minute Thesis Science Policy Bootcamp