PLEASE NOTE: The Fall semester will begin on Tuesday, August 25. Information and FAQs are available on the Return to Grounds website and the Fall 2020 Student Resource website, which will be updated frequently.

Early Years

When beginning graduate work, many students find that they do not have the time to focus on their career development or they may find it irrelevant so early in their graduate career. It is important, however, to begin developing skills and practices that will address career development needs from the first day of graduate school.

Use the recommendations below to start your career development today!

► Explore resources for career development

  • What can I do with a degree in?
  • What types of jobs have UVa PhD Alumni in my field obtained?

► Explore resources for grants and fellowships

► Complete a self-assessment of skills

► Build your on-grounds network

►Join relevant professional organizations

► Find mentors in addition to your faculty advisor

► Review job ads to see what the job market is like in your area

► ​Attend professional development workshops

► Develop a 1-3 year plan with your faculty advisor/mentor