CTE Intern: Research and Assessment for Teaching Programs


The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at University of Virginia is dedicated to building collegial community, enhancing teaching and learning, and fostering teaching innovation for instructors at all levels and in all academic disciplines. The CTE believes that striving for excellence in teaching is an iterative, dynamic, and scholarly process that spans an instructor’s entire academic career. We promote teaching that is evidence-based, learner-centered, and rooted in equitable and inclusive practices. The CTE serves all UVA instructors through intensive institutes, learning communities, workshops, and individual consultations.


Adriana Streifer, Assistant Director and Assistant Professor


The intern will contribute to the CTE’s mission of supporting excellence in teaching and learning at UVA. The CTE takes a scholarly and evidence-based approach to teaching, and consequently collects and analyzes data related to our own programs and research and assists UVA instructors in developing evidence-based approaches to their own teaching. By contributing to programs and research projects, the intern will be instrumental to this aspect of the CTE’s work.

Career Development 

This internship will prepare intern for careers in any of the following

  • Faculty
  • Teaching
  • Academic and Research Administration


The intern will provide data collection, analysis, and other research support for CTE programs such as SoTL Scholars and Curriculum Design initiatives. The intern will design and conduct focus groups and surveys and analyze the resulting data, as well as supporting faculty participating in CTE programs to design their own classroom-based research projects.

Skills Development

This internship will provide experiences to develop and polish the following skills

  • Communicating to diverse audience

  • Teaching, Mentoring and Training

  • Inter-disciplinary team collaboration

  • Problem solving and analytical

  • Data literacy and flueny

  • Project Management and Leadership

Mentoring Plan

The intern will receive ongoing mentorship and support from the CTE faculty member(s) who oversee the programs and research projects to which the intern contributes. Interns will strengthen their skills in research, data analysis, project management, and communication, particularly as these relate to educational settings. The internship also affords the intern the opportunity to explore educational development as a potential career path, reflect on the array of non-traditional career paths available to them within the academy, and develop strength in collaboration skills.

Desired Qualities

The CTE welcomes applicants from all academic backgrounds and disciplines. We seek mid or late-stage graduate students with skills in project management and data collection, organization, and analysis. Preference is given to those with experience in qualitative or mixed data collection and analysis methods such as focus groups and surveys. Applicants should also have a clear record of good teaching, and strong interpersonal and communication skills. Familiarity with course design methods is desired, but not required (selected applicants will also attend the CTE’s Course Design Institute).

Duration and Effort

The internship will commence in Fall of 2020 and continue through academic year 2020-2021 at an average effort of 10 hours per week. The intern must also be available to attend the CTE’s Course Design Institute, choosing between the weeks of May 18-22 or June 1-5.


The internship pays $5000 per semester (the equivalent of teaching or serving as a TA for one course).


Please compile the following materials, in the order presented below, into a single PDF and upload through the online application form.

  1. CV (including academic and professional experience)

  2. Cover Letter describing
  • The applicant’s interest in the internship
  • Prior experiences with qualitative and/or mixed methods data collection and analysis
  • How the applicant imagines that data can inform teaching decisions and practices
  • How the position connects to their own career and professional development aspirations
  1. A 1-2 page reflective teaching statement
  2. Endorsement of good academic standing and suitability for an internship from Director of Graduate Studies or Advisor