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Science Policy

Two opportunities for graduate students to engage in science policy!

AAAS CASE Workshop. Three-day workshop on federal level science policy. Application due Feb 9. Click here for more information.

COVES Fellowship. 12-week fellowship working on science policy issues in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Application due March 2. Click here for more information. 


The Science Policy Initiative (SPI) at UVA is a student organization empowering scientists and engineers to be more informed and involved in science policy.  The primary goals of the initiative are:

  1. Enhancing awareness among graduate students in engineering and science disciplines about fellowship and career opportunities in science policy.
  2. Providing support and resources for graduate students pursuing opportunities in science policy.
  3. Conducting professional development events to prepare graduate students for careers in science policy.
  4. Advocating to the university administration for support of graduate students pursuing policy careers.
  5. Facilitating community outreach events to increase awareness and understanding of scientific research among the community.

From January 6-10, 2020 the SPI and PhD+ partnered to offer a one-week science policy bootcamp. Introducing a fresh format, the bootcamp was designed to help students 1) learn about science policy broadly; 2) practice some fundamential policy skills such as communication, negotiation, and writing policy briefs; and 3) think about avenues to science policy as a career option.  

UVA Science Policy Bootcamp 2020

Monday, January 6: Fundamentals of Science Policy

Tuesday, January 7: Communicating with Policymakers Workshop featuring Abby Olena

Wednesday, January 8: Science Policy at the State Level

Thursday, January 9: Science Policy at the International Level

Friday, January 10: Science Policy at the Federal Level, Policy Simulation featuring Mark Bayer of Bayer Strategic Consulting