2019 3MT Finalists

Last week, 35 UVA PhD students participated in the preliminary rounds of the 2019 Three-Minute Thesis competition. Fourteen judges from across Grounds evaluated the presenters on how well they explained their research to a general audience. A panel of judges from the Charlottesville area will choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The audience will select a “People’s Choice” winner. Everyone is invited to attend and vote for your favorite!

2019 3MT Finalists
Name  Department Presentation Title
Sarah Berkowitz English Character Work: Creating Gentlemanly Character in the Eighteenth Century Novel
Miller Eaton Physics Light: A Brighter Path Toward Quantum Computing
Yuanyuan Ji Chemical Engineering Using Selective Membranes to Provide Clean Water for Everyone
Mengyao Liu Astronomy Unveiling the Secret of Massive Star Birth
Divya Pandey Economics The Effects of Making Prenatal Sex-Determination Illegal
Roza Przanowska Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Running with Mice Against the Flow
Andreas Rauch Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Scramjet Engines: The Need for Speed
Carolyn Roberts Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  Sex Differences in Automotive Injury
Zhaonan Sun Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Next Generation of Crash Test Dummy for Obese Occupants
Anchi Tsuei Chemistry Rapid Screening of Sexual Assault Kits to End the Backlog